About the Author

Fraser Hosford has been Pastor of Dublin West Community Church since 2010. Born in Dublin, Fraser was born and bred a ‘southsider’ but crossed the river over a decade ago. He is married to Ruth and has three kids.

Prior to working for the church, he was an economist and still works in that area part-time. He longs to see people experience God’s love for themselves so that it becomes a transforming power in their lives.

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In this episode of Mission Disco, Simon Kilpatrick and Brian Sanders talk with Fraser about his new book in a conversation about good news and mission in contemporary Ireland.

what people are saying

“It is so refreshing to read a book on mission and the gospel that engages so accurately and carefully with our unique context here in Ireland.  Fraser Hosford picks up on themes that resonate strongly through our culture. Rather than finding reasons for despair, this significant work sees the seismic shifts we continue to experience as gospel opportunities. It explores how the radical, life-changing good news of Jesus addresses the questions our society is asking and suggests why old paradigms are failing to connect with modern Ireland.  An important read!”

Ruth Garvey-Williams

Editor of VOX magazine

“It is so good to see an Irish pastor writing about theology, culture and mission for our contemporary Irish context! Fraser Hosford asks an important question – how is the gospel good news in Ireland today? What is so fresh about this book is that he answers this question by engaging thoughtfully and graciously with what real people in Ireland today actually think, believe and hope for. It is from this foundation of careful listening that Hosford unpacks how the gospel is good news for all of life. Peppered with stories and illustrations, the result is a very readable account of how the gospel leads to a flourishing life. Anyone writing about such a great theme has my attention, I suggest that he should have yours as well.”

Dr. Patrick Mitchel

Director of Learning, Irish Bible Institute

“A man who spends his working week caring for a church congregation and working as a research economist is worth paying attention to on the topic of religion and culture. Fraser Hosford wades into what could be a particularly boggy field with humour, insight, honesty and courage. He asks some tough questions of both Irish church and Irish culture. As a contribution to the discussion of how we move on after the turbulence of the recent decades this is a book worth reading and pondering. Up with this sort of thing!”

Seán Mullan

Founder of Third Space Social Enterprise

“I love this book. A beautiful blend of scriptural reflection, cultural introspection, and theological engagement; reading Down With This Sort of Thing is both a pleasure and a provocation. As with all mature and curious minds, Fraser Hosford asks exactly the right contextual questions to invite us into greater missional commitment. We need more voices like this, gently reminding us live beyond ourselves and to embrace the great work of God as our own.”

Brian Sanders

Founder and executive director, Underground Network

“This is a well researched reflection on the nature of mission in Ireland today. It offers a detailed insight on the most significant issues in contemporary society and how the church might respond to them. The biblical insights are refreshing and challenging. I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone.”

Rev. John Alderdice

Director of Ministry, Methodist Church in Ireland
Arrow Ireland Programme Director